Our Home & Families

We Love Our Home!


Our fenced-in backyard is ready for play and we are just around the corner from the playground!


Our Life Together

Our home is a cozy little ranch house tucked away in a quiet neighborhood, and it is right around the corner from the community pool and playground! We are secluded, but very close to everything we need and want, including great schools and parks!

Cas and Midge are the fur babies of the house. Cas is a talker. He’s lazy and loves scratches! Midge is shy, but incredibly sweet and cuddly. You can hear her purr from across a room!


Brandon playing with his nephew!


All the nieces and nephews at our wedding!


More kisses for the baby!

Meet Our Families

Tashia grew up in a Cuban-Italian household. Her father and his family came from Cuba and they all now reside in South Florida. Tashia’s mother now lives in the mountains of North Carolina and her father still lives in Florida and is remarried. Tashia has two older brothers, two older sisters and one younger sister (plus a stepsister and stepbrother) who live in the Southeastern US and in Utah. Tashia’s sisters have five children between them.

Brandon's family is from Pennsylvania, and most of them still reside there. He has an older brother and younger sister, plus a stepsister and stepbrother. His sister and her family are nearby and will be a big part of the baby’s life! Brandon’s brother has three children and his sister has two children.


Thanksgiving with Brandon's family


Christmas with Tashia's family!


Tashia and her Thanksgiving helper!


Brandon's family reunion


Brandon’s family Christmas


Tashia’s extended family celebrating her grandfather

Meeting our nephew!

We love taking trips to the Carolina coast, Florida, and Pennsylvania every year to visit family. Some of our usual holiday traditions include spending Thanksgiving with Tashia’s family and Christmas with Brandon’s family. Wherever we are, there’s never a dull moment! Tashia’s family gatherings involve a lot of food, laughter, music and dancing. Brandon’s family gatherings are full of laughter and playful banter, especially over games and puzzles.

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