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Scootering around downtown!

Tashia was born and raised in Florida, except for a few years spent in the mountains of Georgia. She has a degree in English and Creative Writing. Tashia is a former English teacher and currently a house manager (baby will get to join her and a little buddy at work!). Working with kids and helping others has always been her passion!


There's always time to get silly with the kids!


Tashia loves being an aunt!



We can’t wait to share our love of theater!


Aunt T is always available to help with homework!

About Tashia (by Brandon): Tashia is a wonderful woman, with an awesome collection of qualities. She has the heart of a teacher, so we are always learning. She is a nurturer, so whatever she is tending to is well cared for. She is intense, intelligent, and her wit will drop in at the perfect moments. She is fiercely loyal and family-oriented, and her spirit is deep and serious. Tashia will approach motherhood as she approaches life: she will be caring, thorough, constructive, forgiving, hopeful, helpful and full of joy. This is a defining moment in her life, and she will define it gracefully and with love.



Everyone loves Uncle Brandon!

Brandon grew up in Erie, Pennsylvania, but moved all over the country after high school. He eventually slowed down and got a degree in mathematics. Aside from math, Brandon loves computers and his job as a technical engineer!


Uncle Brandon can't bake...but he's not afraid to try!


An exciting birthday surprise for Brandon (driving a race car)!



Uncle Brandon leading the way on an oceanfront walk!


Brandon ziplining!

About Brandon (by Tashia): Brandon is absolutely one of the best people I’ve ever met. I knew immediately that there is something special about him. He has a certain charisma and comedic timing that keeps everyone around him entertained and laughing. He is witty and sharp with a huge appetite for learning. He is incredibly committed, loyal, and passionate. Anything Brandon puts his mind to, he succeeds! He has a strong moral compass and values. His kind, open nature and playful zest for life are just a couple of the hundred things that will make Brandon an amazing father!

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